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Going White? Here’s 5 things to keep in mind!

Going White? Here’s 5 things to keep in mind!

The runways were splashed with clean-slate colours from dazzling white to ivory and eggshell to cream and vanilla! While the idea of embracing White this season sounds intimidating (considering coffee spills, lipstick smudges or pesky stains), the versatility of white makes it worth the chic look. Read on to discover easy cop styling moves that’ll take your look to the next level, in a matter of seconds. Thank us later.

Put your Best foot forward - Blog

Put your best foot forward!

When you don’t wanna take up one of the trickiest sartorial moves of going pristinely white, slip on a pair of denim peep toe block heels. The pop of colour will help you achieve the perfect all-white look!

Be the patakha you are!

Bend the general rule of intentionally mixing in off-whites for a complete look. Pairing a white pom pom crop top with a white lace frill skirt will have the paparazzi behind you in no time!

Be the patakha - Blog
Monochrome Look - Blog

Pull off the monochrome look!

We all have our days when we wanna play safe. And guess what, it is possible to go all-white without having your coworkers or neighbours secretly judge you! Slip on your favorite pair of white heels with your dress and you’re good to go.

Stick to the good ol’ jeans!

If you’re not fully sold on wearing the color from head-to-toe, opt for the evergreen, Denim! Pair your favorite White top with bell bottomed jeans and rock the old school look.

Good Old Jeans - Blog
Listen to your heart - Blog

Listen to your heart!

When all else feels in vain, simply place your hand on your chest and do what it says. We know you’ll be your best version of beautiful!

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